One thing we want to achieve through this website is mental health care and support for the artists involved. One part of that, is maintaining our practice financially, as well as following best practices, maintaining community, and keeping up to date.

This page is a dump of resources for practicing artists. Financial advice, best practices, calls for submissions, and educational resources, to name a few.


Financial resources/advice/tips:

CARFAC your best friend for all the financial things

Tips for setting prices (CARFAC)

WorkInCulture has lot's of good resources

Professional Development resources:

Workman Arts is fantastic. This page has a ton of professional development resources!

Get your Shit Together- professional practices.

Canada Council for all the stuff.

Calls for art, venues, organizations:

Events, venues, organizations. Calls for submission, resources and more from creativeusers.

Artist Run Centers directory.

SLATE for venues, openings, etc.

Other resources:

Federation of Canadian Artists has tons of calls for submissions, educational resources and more.