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Kate Newell is a multidisciplinary artist, primarily working in oil paint. A recent graduate of Durham College Fine Arts-Advanced, she is the person behind New Studio Collective. Passionate about social action, education and change, Kate believes that New Studio is a step in the right direction for the 'art scene' in 2021!



"Hi everyone, I'm Kate! My work tends to deal with themes such as mental health, community care, and equity. I hopes to achieve community engagement and initiate valuable conversations among my viewers. My current thesis body of work is an ongoing process; an exploration of the relationship between 'home' and mental health in adult life, specifically regarding my own journey. When I'm not painting, I'm reading, watching Netflix, or hanging out with my kitty, Pippin. I love the outdoors and will spend as much time sitting in the woods as I can, finding inspiration and listening to the birds!"



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kgnewell art with her thesis painting