Hi All! It's Kate here.
I started this project after working with the idea of community care for a couple semesters. Community care and self care go hand in hand, but community care is often left behind. So often in the art community, you hear of artists that don't have a space to collaborate, or be around other artists, and it makes for a lonely, stressful career. Even artists like myself, who like to work alone, need a community of like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off of and share experiences with. 
As I approached graduation from Durham College's Fine Arts program, I was starting to worry that myself, and other artists in the program, weren't going to have much direction once we left school. Especially since we were graduating during a pandemic. I started New Studio Collective, because I wanted us to stick together, and help each other in these beginning stages of our careers. 
My main goal here isn't even to sell work. That is an added bonus! But, my main goal is to destroy the trope that artists must be mentally ill to create amazing work. In my experience, it's quite the opposite! I do encourage you to purchase some work from our artists, but more over, I encourage you to connect with them. Share their work, share this website, share you thoughts with us. I carefully curate the artists that are a part of New Studio Collective, they align with my ideas and reasons for starting the Collective, so I promise you won't be disappointed!
ART IS SO IMPORTANT and so are artists.