Christin L. Nkunku

 Christin Nkunku is a recent graduate from Durham College's Fine Arts-Advanced program, he is a unique and creative mixed-media artist, known for his painting and photography. He was introduced to art through his older brother, Esli and he grew to have a passion for creating. We are so excited to welcome Christin to New Studio Collective!


"In my photography work, I capture urbanistic areas and portraits of people. I love doing photography because it makes me adventurous, talkative, and sociable.

When it comes to my painting and digital work I focus on social issues like racism and equality but I mostly focus on Pop Culture such as music, television, cinema, fashion, comic books, Japanese manga, and sports. The software I use for my digital work is adobe photoshop and the kind of paint I use for my painting is oil. I love using both of these mediums because I can have a lot of creative freedom and peace. After all, I'm doing it by myself."


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