So, you're interested in becoming a New Studio Collective artist? We're so happy to hear that! 
The process is quite simple, but please be sure to check all eligibility requirements and note that not everyone who applies will be accepted! But don't fret, every application will be kept on record so we can keep up with you and contact you when we're ready to take you on. 

Am I eligible? 

There are only a few hard and fast requirements, but they are just that. If you apply and you don't meet all of them, we unfortunately won't consider your application.
Every applicant and accepted artist must be inclusive and respectful to all.  
  1. I am either: an artist that creates mental health related work, has personal experience with mental health (whatever that means to you) or I advocate for mental health awareness. We will not ask you for any details, we just need to know that you align with the main message of New Studio Collective.
  2. I consider myself to be: a student artist, an emerging artist, or an early career artist. I plan to make art my career and/or a main source of income in my life. 
  3. I have a small following (less than 2000 followers) and/or my monthly income from my art is not enough to be my only source of income.
  4. I want to be actively involved in the community and support the other artists in the collective. Ex: I will follow the collective artists social media and engage with/promote their posts.
  5. I have an online shop and original work to show on New Studio Collective and sell. 
  • NO FANART. If you don't have any original work to list on the New Studio website, you will not be considered. You are free to sell fanart on your shop, but we prefer to showcase original work on the New Studio Collective website, to let our artists voices come through. 

I'm eligible! What next?

We're so excited to hear from you!

Read through our outline and gather all the information you need. 

Please send your application to 
Feel free to email us or DM us on Instagram with any questions, comments or concerns you might have!