New Studio Collective

with artists, for artists
by artists
we are a socially driven, community based business committed to supporting artists from all walks of life.
New Studio Collective is focused on speaking about issues such as mental health, advocacy for artists, inclusivity and education. We are striving to bring about social change and create a better climate for artists moving forward.
Our artists are primarily emerging artists (recent graduates, young artists or artists just starting out) and small creative businesses. Our goal is to give them a place to create a community of artists, sell their work, and connect with potential clients. We support our artists by having regular correspondence, meetings, and resources shared with the community. We hope that by giving artists this space, we can promote good mental health practices and provide a safe space and community to share and collaborate.
The work we choose to show is carefully curated in order to ensure that all of our artists align with our brand mission. New Studio Collective is a 100% inclusive community, striving to empower everyone through art.
Art promotes healthy communities, we promote health for artists.